Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you've got a question you need answering then it's extremely likely it's been asked before by one of our customers. You'll find all the most frequently asked questions here along with the relevant answer.

1. Why am I receiving an error when I try to upload my photo?
2. Why am I receiving an error when I try to submit my order?
3. Should I use my real info when I order?
4. If I order from your site is my information kept private?
5. How should I organize a group order?
6. Can I change my order info after submitting it?
1. Does your ID have Holograms?
2. Can I include any info I want on the ID?
1. How do you ship the IDs?
2. How long would it take for delivery?
3. Do I get a tracking number once the ID is shipped?
4. Can you send the ID to a PO Box?